McGann, Robert

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Robert McGann

Robert McGann OCSO

2nd Abbot of Holy Spirit Abbey in Conyers, Georgia, 1949–1957

* 08 Jan 1886 New York City, USA
03 Okt 1957 Paris, France

Dom Robert McGann was born in New York City, January 8th, 1886, and entered the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani in 1902, where his superiors appointed him to responsible positions early in his religious life.

He was clothed with the Cistercian habit of a novice in September, 1902, and pronounced his simple vows in November 20th, 1904, and then, on April 18th, 1908, made his solemn profession as a member of the Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance. He was ordained to the priesthood on February 11, 1911.

Dom Robert was named Prior of the abbey of Gethsemani on July 16, 1933, and held that post until November 1, 1934. This was the only period for over thirtyseven years that he was absent from his charge as novice master, to which important post he had been appointed shortly after his ordination.

He was elected abbot of Our Lady of the Holy Ghost (later renamed Holy Spirit) in Conyers, daughter house of Gethsemani, on October 20th, 1948.

He died of a heart attack in Paris, France, on October 3rd, 1957, having journeyed to France in early September to attend the general chapter held September 12th and 13th. He became ill during the trip and was running a high fever when he arrived in Paris. Immediately hospitalized with a respiratory condition he appeared to respond to treatment and plans were being made to bring him back to Conyers at the time of his fatal seizure.

His body was brought to Conyers and interred on October 12th, 1957, in the crypt in the new Church, which is located in the Chapel dedicated to St. Robert of Moslesme, one of the founders of the Order of Cistercians.



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