Flaherty, Malachy

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Malachy Flaherty OCSO

3. Abbot of Holy Trinity Abbey, Huntsville 1983–1995

* 16 March 1924 Bloomfield, Kentucky, USA
19 April 2018 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Malachy (Ivan Harold) Flaherty was born in 1924 in Bloomfield, Ky., and reared on a farm about seven miles north of Bardstown. His family had immigrated from Ireland in the early 19th century. As a member of St. Michael's Parish in Fairfield he went through grade school there. After grade school he followed his older brother to St. Joseph’s Preparatory School in Bardstown. Graduated in 1942 he entered the community at Gethsemani Abbey in December, 1943, as a choir novice.

There was a great influx of vocations at that time, so Gethsemani made two foundations soon after Ivan's entrance: one to Georgia (1944) and another to Utah (1947). Malachy was included in the latter group that came to Utah and founded the monastery of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity. There he made his solemn profession in 1949 and was ordained a priest in 1960.

Over the following years Fr. Malachy was entrusted with various offices and duties. Finally in January 1983, he was elected abbot of the community and served in this office until January 1993.

The Monastery was dissolved in autim 2017. Fr. Malachy peacefully passed away at St. Joseph Villa in Salt Lake City. He was a popular spiritual advisor and the last living founder of the Huntsville Monastery. At the time of his death he was 94 years old, had been in monastic vows for 72 years and 58 years a priest. He was buried at the Huntsville Monastery Cemetery.



Prof.: 1949; Sac.: 1960; Abbas: el. 1983, res. 1995.



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