Farmer, Adrian

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Adrian Farmer

Adrian Farmer OCSO

Titular Prior 1971–1976 and 1st Abbot of Bamenda 1976–1982 and 1987–1993

* 23 May 1929 Sheffield, England
18 June 2001 Leicester, England

Fr Adrian was born in Sheffield, England on May 23rd 1929. He entered Mount Saint Bernard Abbey (Cistercian Order of the strict Observance) on February 2nd 1949, taking the habit on March 27th 1949, and making profession on September 3rd 1950. He was ordained priest on the 13th November 1956. He went to Cameroon among the founders of Bamenda Abbey (Our Lady of Mbengwi) on May 2nd 1964. There he served the community as novice master and bursar and was their first abbot, elected on 11th February 1976. While Fr Mark Ulogu was abbot, he was again bursar and was re-elected abbot for six years on 15th August 1987. He resumed stability in Mount St Bernard in 1996. He died in Leicester Royal Infirmary on June 18th 2001.



Vest.: 27 March 1949; Prof.: 3 Sep 1950; Sac.: 13 Nov 1956; Abbas: el 11 Feb 1976, re-el.: 15 Aug 1987, res. 27 April 1993.

Citation: Farmer, Adrian, in: Biographia Cisterciensis (Cistercian Biography), Version vom 25.1.2016, URL:,_Adrian

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