Dubois, Marie-Gérard

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Marie-Gérard Dubois OCSO

Marie-Gérard Dubois OCSO

Abbot of La Trappe 1977–2003, liturgist, spiritual writer

* 26 Nov 1929 Lille
02 July 2011 Soligny-la-Trappe

Dom Marie-Gérard Dubois, born in 1929 in Lille (France), entered the Cistercian abbey Mont-des-Cats in 1947 and made his solemn profession in 1954. He was ordained a priest in 1957. Subsequently he served as novice-master (1965) and prior (1972) in Mont-des-Cats. He had been Superior ad nutum of La Trappe in 1976 and Abbot from 1977 to 2003.

He carried out numerous responsibilities in the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance (»Trappists«). He was very active with regard to the renewal of the liturgy, the Law Commission, and the drawing up of the new Constitutions. He also made an important contribution in the area of research into the history of the Order. He was president of the Commission Francophone Cistercienne de liturgie for thirty years.



Vest: 29 Sep 1947, Prof: 21 Nov 1949, 6 June 1954; Sac: 15 July 1957 (Mont-des-Cats); Abbas: el 2 Feb 1977, ben 5 March 1977 (La Trappe), res 2003.


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