Bordage, Adrien

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Adrien Bordage

Adrien Bordage OCSO

2nd Abbot of ND du Calvaire in Rogersville, Canada, 1991–1993

* 05 March 1934 Acadieville, New Brunswick, Kanada
20 May 2015 Rogersville, New Brunswick, Kanada

Born March 5th, 1934, in Acadieville he was one of the twelve children of the late Antoine and late Marguerite Bordage.

September 6th, 1946, Father Adrien joined the Juvenat at the Trappistes. August 22nd, 1949 he became a monk. May 18th, 1952, he made his temporary profession and on May 22nd, 1955, his solemn profession. On July 1st, 1956 he was ordained Priest. October 22nd, 1991 he was elected Abbot. On December 8th, 1992 he received the abbatial benediction from Bishop Donat Chiasson. Due to poor health Father Adrien resigned as Abbot on February 20th, 1993.

He passed away at the Foyer Assomption of Rogersville, Wednesday, May 20th, 2015, at the age of 81 and was buried three days later at the monastery cemetery.



Vest: 22 Aug 1949; Prof: 18 May 1952, 22 May 1955; Sac: 1 Juli 1956; Abbas: el 22 Oct. 1992, ben 8 Dez 1992, res 20 Feb 1993; Dev: Omnia vestra in charitate fiant (1 Kor. 16, 4).



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