Amihere, Charles

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Charles Amihere

Charles Amihere OCSO

Abbot of Bamenda Abbey 2007–2013

* 17 April 1950 Ghana

Charles Arde-Erzoa Amihere was born on 17th April 1950 in Ghana. He did his secondary and high school education in Ghana between 1966-1973 when he proceeded to St Peter’s Regional Major Seminary at Pedu, Cape-Coast Ghana where he did philosophy and 2 years of theology. In 1976 he came into contact with monks on a visit to Togo and desired being one himself. Since there were no monasteries in Ghana, he applied and was accepted to join Newark Abbey in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. When he was preparing to travel to the U.S. he met a Ghanaian priest who was starting a monastic project in Ghana. Br Charles joined the new diocesan monastic foundation in 1978.

In 1979 he was sent to Bamenda for monastic formation to return home to Ghana to help in establishing their own Monastery. In 1981, he made first profession and went back to Ghana in 1984. The monastic project in Ghana was not successful and so in 1988, Br Charles decided to return to Cameroon to join the Cistercian Monastery in Mbengwi. He had to start afresh the monastic journey he began 10 years earlier with another canonical novitiate in September 1988. After the second novitiate, he took his temporary vows in October 1989 and final vows in February 1993, and was ordained priest in 2001 by Archbishop Paul Verdzekov.

In 1996, Dom Charles was appointed Assistant Novice Master and subsequently went for a course at the Catholic University of Angers in France in 1997. On his return from studies, he was appointed Superior Ad nutum of the Cistercian Monastery at Koutaba. In 1999 he returned to Bamenda to assume the same responsibility, a position he held until 2001. At the Cistercian Order’s General Chapter of 2002 he was elected Councilor at the Abbot General’s Council in Rome where he was till his election on the 6th of August 2007 as Abbot of the Cistercian Monastery Mbengwi. The elections were conducted by Dom Joseph Delargy, Abbot of Mount Saint Bernard Abbey Leicester England, assisted by Mother Margaret, Abbess emerita of St Justina’s Monastery Abaikiliki in Nigeria. The Abbatial blessing was performed by the Apostolic Nuncio in December 2007.

Having completed his term of Office at 6 August, 2013 Dom Charles remained in office until it was possible for the Father Immediate, Dom Erik Varden, of Mount Saint Bernard Abbey, assisted by Mother Regina of the Council of the Abbot General, to conduct the Regular Visitation and appoint a superior ad nutum.



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Citation: Amihere, Charles, in: Biographia Cisterciensis (Cistercian Biography), Version vom 26.1.2016, URL:,_Charles

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